Aj Lipo Ti Je

Aj lipo ti je (AHEE lee-poh TEE yeh), means “It’s nice.” The song “Aj lipo ti je” belongs to the “Drumarac” type songs usually sung while walking to the field/party or home from the field/party. Sometimes they’ll sing in the “kolo” too. Slavonija is the largest and most fertile part of Croatia’s land. It borders Hungary and the Drava River on the north, the Sava River on the south, the Moslavina Region on the west and the Srijem Region on the east. For this reason, Slavonian folk traditions have remained unchanged for centuries. The wealth of this region is reflected in the dances, songs and costumes. Zeljko Jergan saw and filmed this danced in the village of Komletinci in 1990. Zeljko presented it at Stockton Folk Dance Camp 2009, at the University of the Pacific. Dance notes…


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